The hardest working superstar in the whole business is the irrepressible Seamus Kennedy, who seems to have the energy of ten men. The craic has never been better and it is in the good hands of Seamus Kennedy.

~ Shay Clarke
Irish American News

Seamus Kennedy is an Irish singer, songwriter, musician, comedian, all-around entertainer, and author.


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semus kennedy

He has a huge repertoire that includes traditional Irish music, classic Country & Western, American standards, Scottish ballads, and kids' shows: entertainment for "the wee ones."

Originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, has been entertaining audiences all over the United States for almost four decades.

An accomplished guitarist with a ready wit and a vast store of songs, he travels the country performing for thousands of people each year.

Kennedy’s ability to combine a total command of the music with humor makes him unique in the industry. His strong interactive entertainment skills and his participation with his audiences have helped him create an exceptionally loyal fan base everywhere he goes.

He's incredibly talented and fun!


Best Irish/Celtic Male Vocalist 1993-2006
Washington Area Music Association - WAMA