About Seamus

Seamus Kennedy

A four-decade veteran of the Irish/Celtic festival circuit, Seamus Kennedy was first influenced by the legendary Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem. From them he learned the importance of not only being a solid musician, but also of being an all-round entertainer.

With a thorough knowledge of the traditional and contemporary songs of Ireland and Scotland, he is equally proficient with American music, be it folk, country, bluegrass or a little Western Swing.

Originally from Belfast, but now based in Annapolis, MD, he has been entertaining audiences all over the United States from Alaska to Florida, from Maryland to California for more than four decades. At home in venues ranging from intimate house-concerts and folk-clubs to large concert halls and festivals, Seamus has been bringing tour groups to Ireland for 30 years to experience the music and culture of his homeland “up close and personal”.

“A master showman with an unmatched repertoire; a maestro among Irish troubadours.” ~ Irish Fest, Milwaukee

An accomplished guitarist with a ready wit and a vast store of songs, he travels the country making folks laugh, sing and forget their cares for a while. Kennedy’s ability to combine a total command of the music with humor makes him unique in the industry. His strong interactive entertainment skills and his participation with the audience have helped him create an exceptionally loyal fan base everywhere he goes.

“Seamus Kennedy’s music is a gleefully mixed bag of styles and traditions…an enjoyably eclectic and often surprising collection.”
~ Richard Middleton, Sing Out Magazine!

His many recordings (16 at last count) show his diversity, and feature something for everyone, from the silly to the serious, from instrumentals to a capella vocals, with a healthy dose of humor thrown in. Daft ditties, children’s songs, and tongue twisters are all grist for his mill.

In 2007 he added another string to his bow – author. With four of his musical colleagues, Dennis O’Rourke, Frank Emerson, Robbie O’Connell and Harry O’Donoghue, he wrote a collection of short stories about the life of an Irish entertainer on the road. Clean Cabbage In The Bucket has been called “…great storytelling, hilarious, ribald and sometimes poignant – a wild ride through the world of traveling musicians.”

“The hardest working superstar in the whole business is the irrepressible Seamus Kennedy, who seems to have the energy of ten men. The craic has never been better and it is in the good hands of Seamus Kennedy.”
~ Shay Clark, Irish American News, November 2008