1. To those who strive to provide quality entertainment to their customers, it is my pleasure to recommend Seamus Kennedy, one of the best comedian/songwriters in
the country.

2. Over the years I have booked countless entertainers to entertain the military and civilian personnel of the US Army War College. I rarely have brought back
entertainers for a second appearance. But Seamus I will continue to bring back on a yearly basis for a number of reasons. First and foremost, he is extremely talented as a songwriter and performer. Secondly, he brings a level of energy to the audience that becomes so addictive that most of the crowd if not all, is hysterical by the end of the first set.

3. Finally, his comedy act is clean and entertaining and not offensive to anyone. Seamus is indeed a professional in every aspect. He truly brings the entire package
and has never disappointed me or the customers that I serve.

4. In every dealing that I have had with Mr. Kennedy, he has been indeed FABULOUS.

My highest recommendation is provided.

Kimberly M. FoltzLetort View Community | Center Carlisle, PA

Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful evening ALL of us had being entertained by Seamus on Saturday, February 20th. His material was absolutely wonderful and quite humorous and exceeded our expectations. As you know we have already inquired about a return visit for him. I am sure that by the response we received after this visit our numbers will definitely grow!

As they say, a good time was had by all.

Lucille K. GoldeyManager, Country Club of Salem (NJ)

Seamus played Wednesday night at the Buffalo Irish Center for our group, Fir Dóiteán (Firefighters). They absolutely loved him. Many of them had never seen him perform before, and they are already asking us when we're having him back. He was good all night but he was fantastic during the last hour. Most of the crowd stayed until about 11:15 and those remaining moved up front, close to the stage. He really kicked it in at that time. When he sang, "This Town I Love So Well”, he owned everyone in the room. After the show, people were saying things like: "my face hurt from laughing so hard" (especially those who he picked on all night long). He was super. And by the way, I'll be talking to you soon. We want him back - if he'll have us.

Tony HynesFir Dóiteán

I want to thank you for performing at my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary. The look on my father’s face was one for the memory books. My mother is still on cloud nine.

You went above and beyond what you were contracted for. A true professional. People from the party said they look forward to seeing you perform again. Some were afraid to leave because they might have missed something. Again, thank you for everything you did for us.

Laura Fisher

Seamus was a great hit ... played to a nearly full house this year. Please check his schedule and see if he's available for the same weekend next year. Thanks so much.

I have a happy dilemma going on here. A few weeks ago I mailed letters to folks who attended Seamus' last show here for advance ticket sales for those who have supported the event in the past. As of this minute I am close to sold out and probably will be so by early next week.

The problem comes from the fact that I have not advertised anywhere beyond that mailing. I am thinking of seeing if, upon advertising, if there would be interest for a second show. Before putting it to folks here I wanted to see if that would be possible with Seamus' schedule. Please advise at your earliest convenience.

Eileen MurphySt. Bernadette's | Harrington, DE